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The Story of NV Winery

Brought together by their love for wines, Charles and Eddy, both avid connoisseurs, invested time outside of their day jobs to explore and uncover new tastes, aromas and flavours in the rolling sun-kissed vineyards of Napa Valley. Already big collectors in traditional French wines, the duo were also captivated by the bold and very different character of Napa Valley’s offerings. What started as a short stint to visit a family-run Napa valley vineyard, blossomed into a three-week long sojourn into the extraordinary and very exclusive world of micro-wineries and boutique vineyards.

“For the process of selecting wines to sell, I go in search of uncommon wines, and wines that are not sold overseas, then I narrow down my search and write to them. When it comes to interacting and approaching vineyard owners, they all became friends and wine is about sharing – when you’re drinking a 96-point wine on your own, this same wine will turn into a 97-point when you share with another person. The wine will taste like 100 points when it’s shared with more than two.”

Eddy Quek

Co-founder of NV Winery

Heid Barrett
Heidi Barrett, the legendary "First Lady of Wine"
Marilyn Harris
Roy Estate Customer Journey Room

The duo bottled their adventures of hand-picked, artisanally vinified and limited run enjoyment to be brought back to enjoy in Singapore. They soon found a way to bring more of their favourites back to Singapore to enjoy and share with their friends and family. NV Winery was started to accommodate the import of these wines, previously not accessible to them, at attractive price points Through word of mouth and return customers thanks to their subscription model which allows anyone to taste new wines every month, the NV Winery community of wine lovers continues to grow quickly.

At the end of the day, the two just want to drink excellent wines as well as extend that privilege to those looking to expand their taste horizons.

“We’re getting wines that are from boutique establishments, where the grapes are hand picked and human experience and intuition are employed for harvesting and the process of vinification.So getting one’s hands on these wines are difficult, even for the Americans, much less the chance to taste and sample them.

The taste is absolutely different because of many factors: the terroir, microclimes, altitude, and the grapes are smaller so the taste is more intense and the alcohol content is higher than French wines.”

Charles Siow

Co-founder of NV Winery

Kate and Ren
Kate Walker and Ren Harris from Paradigm Wine"
iMarilyn Harris
Marilyn Harris from Paradigm Wine