Napa Valley's best kept secrets,
now at NV Winery

Born from a deep-seated passion for wines, it all started with a quest to taste the best from the most remarkable micro wineries and hidden vineyards in California's Napa region. Initially, we started importing our favourites mainly to enjoy with our families and friends. Over time, as our community of friends who shared our affinity for exquisite wines grew, the idea of NV Winery blossomed.

Our goal?

To present the best kept secrets from these sun-kissed valleys, offering prices as if you were buying straight from the source—the wineries and vineyards themselves.

The world's best wine is available from us! Clos du Val's Yettalil 2019 is available now and Yettalil 2021 on order. Clos du Val has been one of our favorite suppliers for years now.

yettalil decanter award