Clos du Val Winery


“At the heart of Clos du Val is an epic love story. Wine, after all, is a product of passion, and ours is the passion project of John and Henrietta Goelet, together with winemaker Bernard Portet.”

John and Henrietta Goelet, established a winery with wine maker Bernad Portet in California after a two year search for a location that could grow fabulous cabernet sauvignon. The family shared ties to some of Bordeaux’s most storied wine merchants, Barton & Guestier.

Together with Bernard, the couple planted their first vineyard and began production of their beloved Bordeaux-style wines. Soon, early vintages of Clos du Val were turning heads at top competitions in France and the U.S., kickstarting what would become one of the couple’s biggest adventures yet.

Founder Visit

Eddy was lucky enough to visit the winery in July 2023 where he tasted and selected wines for our club


Image credit: Eddy